Recommendation “Single Use”-Logo

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You have received cores printed with the “Single Use” logo. The logo, introduced by the European Core and Tube Association (ECTA), indicates that the core is only suitable for one-time use. The logo serves primarily to protect your safety.

Repeated use of cores, which are conceived for single use, is very dangerous. Cores are subject to extremely demanding conditions when used, such as dynamic strain of the roll weight and serious strains due to the amplitude as a result of the high speeds involved in the unrolling process. Cores will suffer losses in terms of consistency, stiffness and geometry during each and every application. This is why multiple use of cores, including cutting them into pieces, is highly risky. If accidents occur due to multiple use, there is great chance that the resulting damage will not be covered by insurance. You will also not be able to have any regress claims against the core manufacturer, since any form of guarantee for this product applies exclusively to its first application.

Your supplier has labelled the core (or the pallet label) with the “single use” logo to make you aware of the risks of the multiple use of cores – for your own safety.

For more information about the risk of reusing cores, please visit the website:

Best regards,

European Core and Tube
Association ECTA