ECTA Safety Recommendations for Winding Heads for big diameter Spiral Winding Machines

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Preliminary remarks:
In the tube and core industry, the equipment in use differs in size, type and operation, depending on the manufacturer. The ECTA Safety Committee has made an effort to take into account all the existing differences in writing these safety recommendations. The committee advises you to take national standards and norms into account when applying ECTA safety recommendations. The current Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the relevant CE norms are to be observed as well.

A. Basic requirements

I. Documented risk analysis
II. At least one safety seminar per year for all employees who work with the equipment, led by the supervisor, managar or an industrial safety expert and documented in writing
III. Pneumatic quick-release of the winding drum – with extension-control
IV. Protective devices which already exist on the equipment may not be removed.
V. Placement of visual warnings at dangerous spots which cannot be secured due to the nature of the operation.

B. Basic elements of the technical safety devices

I. Direct protection of moving parts.
1. Protective cover at the drum with contact switch.
2. Emergency stop mechanism
2.1 Control wire protection
2.2 Contact strips
2.3 Electric eye
2.4 Emergency stop button
2.5 Equivalent devices

II. Area safeguarding during normal operations

  1. Emergency buttons on the control panel or exposed machine parts
  2. Safety switch radar (A)
  3. Light curtains to prevent backwards entrance to the machine (not mentioned in the picture)
  4. Baffle plate on the left side (B)
  5. Additional baffle plate at the front (not mentioned in the picture)
  6. Safety shutdown board

III. Area safeguarding during setup operations

(belt speed of 5-10m per minute)

  1. Safety switch
  2. Safety switch mats
  3. Light curtains
  4. Baffle plate
  5. Safety shutdown board

The CE symbol is no longer valid when significant changes to the machine occur.
Approval of the safety concept by institutions responsible for inspections at the national level is highly recommended.

Waiver of liability:
ECTA has made an effort to draft these safety recommendations in good faith using the knowledge available to us. The recommendations are non-binding. Claims of guarantee cannot result from following them. The recommendations do not release members from informing themselves of the current legal regulations and of their individual application needs.