Paper Tubes for the Plastic Film Industry

The development of the Plastic Film Industry since the 1950s has been dramatic, both in terms of volume and technical development.

The demands on the Paper Film Core vary considerably. It ranges from the core that carries and unwinds a household kitchen product to a core that is an integral part of the industrial process for producing a “micro” film for the electronics industry. The tube surface is critical in the latter example, as is the “crush” resistance of the core for cer-tain Films with high “elasticity” characteristics.

The Paper Film Core meets each of these demands and in some aspects is similar to the modern Paper Mill core. They work with wide Film production machinery and carry heavy weight reels on “chucks” forced into the paper Core end, the positioning of which is critical to the smooth lay of the film web.

The Film Core quality and characteristics requirements vary considerable and are de-pendent on the type of film being manufactured and its process requirements.

The Paper Tube Industry through innovation and development has constantly met the differing demands of the wide variety of plastic films in both the Plastic Film industry and its converting and packaging users.